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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Shopping!

It has been awhile ago since I did my last online shopping. So the online shopping mood strikes me again as I was stuck at the office with not much workload due to Raya, yeah!!!

Today I got my parcel safely from GRABBIT. I had it sent to my office address because in my past experience:
  • I had to rush to the post office after I reached home from work, mind you, despite the considerably short distance between work-home-post office, the traffic just made me want to run instead of driving! or;
  • I had to pick it up the next day and left me wondering about the item I was about to receive - I hate surprises! or;
  • Once, a brainless postman slipped the parcel in between my gate but luckily it was not raining or else everything got soaked!
Tata! I'm going to shops now!
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