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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Muddle-head me left my office key at home after dropping by at lunch time.

The thing is, I was soaked in the rain while collecting a document in the town.  Since I will pass by my house on the way back to office, I thought, why not go back for a while and change new clothing.  Besides, I can see my boys too.  Perfect!

But I had forgotten to take out the key.

I only realised it when I want to put the car keys and the wallet into the drawer.  While I can still ask my colleague to keep for me, I was somewhat unsettled.  Not because I cannot trust my colleague, no.  But the fact that my bag is inside the drawer.

Then again, I still can go home without my bag.

Those who did not carry bag when going out might see my habit of carrying a bag as pointless which is quite true.

Inside my bag is:
  • a little black book which is a black-cover Moleskine where I scribble nonsensical stuff while I am waiting for friend in Starbucks, or when I need to write down someone’s address/phone number – seriously, I am an old-fashioned person who can record things faster in hand-written form than typing it into a phone.
  • a pen.  For scribbling.  Or drawing on someone’s skin when I am bored.
  • a sunblock.  Now being just few months away from celebrating my 30th birthday makes me more aware of my skin.  I do not know where and when I got the stupid idea that a tanned skin (like me!) is more resilient to UV rays.  Perhaps nothing visually evident to me now, but I believe if I continue to go sans sunscreen, sooner or later the damage is too severe to ignore.
  • a thermal spring water spray which I only use when it is too hot or when my skin get irritated after eating something (I am still to determine which food makes my face get flaky and red and itchy).
  • a small pouch containing tampons and pantyliners.  I can only estimate when I will have a period, so I always carry it whenever it is almost due to avoid going around the office secretly to ask if anyone have pads (I bet none of them ever try a tampon before).
  • a hand lotion.  The air-conditioned room is doing nothing good for my dry, coarse skin.
  • a pack of tissue paper/wet tissue.  Because I do not want to be caught surprised after finishing my toilet business.
  • a bunch of spare keys.  Again, being a muddle-headed like me is no fun.  Sometimes I forgot where I placed my keys.  Just the other day I accidentally left my keys hanging on the padlock at my front door!  I must be halfway locking the house when LouLou/Shorty/something/someone gotten my sidetracked.  Luckily I only went out for a short while.
  • a medicated oil.  Headache or not, I have the habit of sniffing it.
  • a comb.  I have a really long hair which seems to get tangled when I am not in front of the mirror holding a comb.  Vain me!
  • a lipstick.  To do my artsy drawing in the public washroom.  Should I explain?
Those are unimportant things but I really, really hate if I am not prepared should something happened unexpectedly.  Yeah, especially the tissue paper/wet tissue part.  Eww!  Sometimes during an outing, I would carry even more stuff in it like a water tumbler and a scarf/sweater.


Whoelses said...

that is women.. we are fussy with all those thing.. accept the fact..

(but bagaholic! is there a word?)

Sprinkled! said...

LOL! i dunno who coined the word 'bagaholic' but i guess it is 'valid'.

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