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Monday, September 6, 2010

Your father does not own the road!

Courtesy of Clker.com
I just do not understand why some people refuse to follow the traffic rules. For example, vehicles coming from the main road near my housing area are only allowed to make a right-turn but not a U-turn. It is very dangerous when one car exits from the housing area and the other inconsiderate idiot makes a U-turn. I saw this many times and finally it happened to me!

The lady nearly hit my car BECAUSE she does not follow the rule! FCUK YOU! Got time to put on nice clothing and everything but rushing to your destination and endangering other road users!!! I screamed inside. You might as well just drive out naked if you think you will be scrambling to get there and put on your cover only when you reach there! FCUK YOU! I was half wishing that someday she will get herself and her loved ones into a near-fatal with permanent disabilities accident but half wishing that she just obey the rules like anyone else.

I believe those drivers are:
  • Illiterate. Unable to read (the road signage) and write.
  • Lesen kopi’O drivers.  The term Lesen Kopi-O refers to when you can't or don't want to earn a drivers license by learning the traffic rules and passing a driving test - so you buy one illegally. To make it seem less like a bribe, you offer coffee money (Kopi-O is black coffee) in exchange for a license. Hence - Lesen Kopi-O. A Lesen Kopi-O driver is somebody who drives or parks so badly, that it makes you wonder if they studied the traffic rules and passed a test at all.  (Source)
  • Having selective vision. Meaning: They only follow the rules when the sign is obvious, i.e. a police car is right behind them.
  • Coming from a different planet where they only have 5 hours in a day. Which explain why they are flouting the law because they are rushing, you see? We, human, in the earth are soaking with luxurious 24 hours a day.
If one thing that I want Malaysia to change, I wish for educated, considerate, and law-abiding road users. Cheers!

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