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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Honey, I bring work to home!

I was watching Shorty running around the car porch in the wee hour today. Oh yeah, I need to soothe him before I can go back to sleep. That crazy dog! So while waiting for him to finish his short-series marathon, I saw my neighbor came home from work.

Just the day before, I brought back my work to home so that I can review the documents in my most comforting state: wearing sleepwear, coffee on the table, and playing my favorite music. So comforting that instead of reading the stuff, I surf internet and eat kuih kapit!

Back to the neighbor. See, she is working from 6pm to 2am. I think she does not have to bring stacks of paperwork to finish at the end of the shift. Well, unless, she got a plan or a report to read. But really, I think the chance of Shorty catching geckos is far greater than seeing her with a report.

I seldom bring home my work assignment unless it is really urgent i.e. expected to be on Boss’ desk before he comes in. Actually, I feel more stressful bringing the work home than leaving it at the office for tomorrow.

Enough about work.

What is on the TV now?