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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weight loss

Disclaimer:  This is not about a weight loss tips.  If you are expecting one, please navigate away from the current page.  Thank you!

Sometimes journalists seem to report what to me is rather funny, or irrelevant. For example, in today’s news about a missing teenager:
She would not have the courage to leave on her own,” said Wang, who added that she has lost 6kg since her daughter’s disappearance 21 days ago.
Read here for full report

Alright, do not shoot me yet!

I know the parent wants to emphasize her grievance but heck!

I would not even think of weighing myself on Day 1 of Missing Shorty/LouLou to Day 21. No way! I would be too sad to care about how much I lost (or gain). Perhaps Wang have a habit of weighing herself daily which is why she knows about her weight. I do not weigh myself because no matter how much food I consumed, my scale would never tip beyond 40kg. I am very sure of that.

I thought of asking the writer about how the mother knows she has lost that many kilograms, but I am too lazy to go for that extent.


Whoelses said...

Wei.. makan malam, makan nasi banyak2.. sure jarum penimbang akan bergerak ke hadapan.. hahaha..

Sprinkled! said...

LOL! almost every dinner i eat nasi sapu planta. let's see okie?! ;)

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