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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I met a donkey

From weheartit
Just one whiff and I am on my way to hell!
One donkey salesgirl put a dot of perfume on the back of my hand.  So donkey that I cursed that she will stuck with this job permanently!

She asked me whether it is OK to interrupt me for a while (I was eating in a kopitiam).  Before I answered her, she already rambling something about the product to which I said “I am not interested.”

She replied something and before I know, dot!  A tiny trace of perfume on my skin.  She asked me to smell it and me, already half burning in my ass, retorted “I am allergic to fragrance.”  With that, she walked away, not even thanking for my time!

There I was, fuming over the donkey and the effect of the bad perfume.  The smell is so bad that I imagine anyone wearing it will look similar to the whore-like donkey!  Really!  At first glance, I really thought she is one of cheap China dolls but when she spoke to me, I realized she is a local.

I had to unwind my windows so that the smell will not linger in my car and causing me headache.  I tried to wash it with soap but I still can smell it!  Worst yet, my head is now throbbing – not a good sign!

I hate such pushy sales person who never listen to customer!  HATE THEM!!!

Another day of headache


(#_#) said...

love the new many-colorful-dot layout!!!

hope the fragrance smell has disappear!!

Sprinkled! said...

aha! psychedelic multi-dots!

my tolerance for fragrance (espcially perfume, fabric softener & air freshener) is getting lower >.<"

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