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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Loving Monday

I was down with stomachache yesterday.  Hence, I had to spend my Monday recuperating at home.  I joked with friends that I was more than willing to get sick every Monday.  I mean, it is better than going through a Monday blues anyway.

Talking about the sickness.  It could be the wantan mee or the ABC that I took last Sunday night.  I have to bar these two stalls unless I really want to get another toilet-attack.

And I am lying about recuperating.  I snoozed for about half an hour before lunch (that was right after I took the medicines – which are to be taken before meal).  That is all.  Afterwards, I cleaned the house.  Do my laundry.  Transfer aloe vera, chilli and watermelons plants from pots to the ground.  Cut the grass using the trimmer.  Until I was attacked by the mosquitoes!  So I had to cancel my plan on washing my car because the itchiness really made me very uncomfortable that I need a shower a.s.a.p.!

I am eager to see how the plants today, especially the chillies since there are so many of it; I think at least 10 tiny trees.

Till then, have a happy Tuesday!