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Friday, October 1, 2010

Maxis' bad quality customer service!

I have a bad experience with Maxis today.

Firstly, the connection is inconsistent that I need to refresh the pages almost every minute! I checked my data usage but found out it is still within the quota (0.05 out of 3GB). So it should not be slowing down on me, right.

Secondly, the Indian guy at the call centre who answered my call. After I explained nicely to him about my problem, he asked for my account number. While I was searching for it, either 1) the network broke down, or 2) he purposely hung up on me. Whichever the reason that made my call interrupted, I think, the Indian guy have no interest in his job. If he is, he would have call me on my number and help me. Shame on you! I hope someday your boss will find out how unprofessional you are!

Finally, a girl who is not-so-helpful-but-not-as-lousy-as-the-Indian-guy assisted me. But that one was only went a bit smoother after I resorted to use subtle threatening. The thing was she kept saying that she could not hear me clearly. Before she says, “Please try to call back later” (I sensed that she was trying to say that because it was nearing to lunch hour and maybe she has got a lunch date!), I firmly told her, “It is OK if you are not interested in solving my problem. I will just wait until one-full year and proceed to terminate my account. Thank you.” I wondered why she could hear me clearly when I warned that I am done with using their service BUT not when I was telling her my problem! I just hope that the conversation was recorded and her boss will listen to it someday! Just few seconds after I hung up, the girl called me. So this time everything was explained nicely to me BUT it still did not solve the issue permanently! I was asked to monitor how frequent the internet get disconnected, bla, bla, bla…

Since they cannot solve it immediately and permanently, I have decided that I would change to others (DiGi, Celcom, P1 Wimax et cetera) once the contract end. Yeah, I am stupid because despite of their lousy internet connection and even lousier customer service, I am still stuck to them. The reason is, I do not want to pay the penalty.