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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tickle or Tick Off (3)

"Don't get too close or I'll munch your phone too!"
T I C K L E !

Shorty the super wet-nose rascal with his semi-ruined fluffy mate (a nameless Mashimaro).
He likes to shove it to me every time I get back from work & expectedly waits for me to chase him around; pretend trying to snatch the poor little dirty toy from his strong teeth.
When I am not playing with him, he just lies down & licks his playmate.
Ooh!  That is how the Mashimaro got dirty – being hauled around, dropped & left at the grass when he is not playing, and the TLC licking, of course!
The mommy tried to wash it as frequent as possible for the sight of a “tanned” Mashimaro makes her cringe!