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Friday, October 8, 2010

What kind of pet owner you are?

Source taken from:  Canine Corner
  • Dominionists, who are fond of their pets but view them primarily as useful animals, not companions.
  • Humanists, who see their pets as practically human.
  • Protectionists, who see animals as separate beings that humans have a responsibility to help and protect. This group includes many people who take in foster pets or volunteer to care for abandoned animals.
So which one is you?

I say I am somewhat between a humanist and a protectionist (based on the descriptions above).

I call them my boys.  Or my furkids.  There was time when one of my colleagues thought I have human kids!  I worry about them when I am not at home, although my neighbors are pretty much caring about them especially Shorty, and try to sneak home during office hours whenever possible!  They sleep with me, yes.  LouLou loves to sleep near my feet but I always ask him to sleep on the makeup table - sometimes he obliged but the bed is still his favorite nest.  Shorty, the big boy, would sleep under the bed or near the door.  Sometimes I call him to sleep near to me so I can touch him while the three of us sleep...

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Whoelses said...

i had no pet since my sister dumped the kitten. Previously i was in 3rd category but have to cut in half.. cos im not take a really good care & protect them.

Me, tuan yg gagal.. (sad face)

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