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Friday, December 10, 2010

Away from home

Suddenly this Saturday turns out be quite an eventful day.  Except that I cannot be in all the places.
  • Going to Kath’s place – my newly-discovered second cousin & I still not clear how our parents (my mom & her dad) are related.  Excuse me, I am very poor in identifying my family tree!
  • Going to Khaty’s wedding day – an ex colleague whom I pleasurably dragged for my "criminal activities" along with Whoelses.  Khaty, if you are reading this, I sincerely wish you a blissful and blessed marriage!
  • Going to see #_# – aaaiiiii…  I seem to be occupied with something else whenever she is coming.  Perhaps next time, gal?
I will be away from home this Saturday!!!
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(#_#) said...

its ok!! guess no luck to c u!
next time k ^^

Sprinkled! said...


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