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Friday, December 10, 2010

Twisted tougue

I was listening to a radio station in which a deejay made a prank call to a guy.  So while they were squabbling, this guy replied “You are **r**a**c**e** from where?  Your tongue-twisting technique is very good.

This is not the first time I listened to such remark.  I have heard it in the workplaces, within my neighborhood, random strangers in the coffee shops…

When I just moved into the current place, the landlady told me that the next-door neighbor asked her not to lease the house to **r**a**c**e**.  Alright, I bet she would not tell me about purported request if I was a/an **r**a**c**e**, would she?

An auntie living across the street once complained to me that some **r**a**c**e** boys always teasing Shorty, making him to bark incessantly.  But he is easily agitated by anyone especially those walking with their furkids (read: dog) anyway.

Does it affect me?  I mean the **r**a**c**e** thing.

Honestly, I become very cautious when I have to deal with **r**a**c**e**.  Except the young boys who bring Rascal to see Shorty almost every day.  The friendly brothers are very polite and greet me “Hello auntie!” every time they see me.


Anonymous said...

hey San
just stumbled upon your blog! keep it going!

Sprinkled! said...

hello back, Nest! ^_____^

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