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Monday, December 13, 2010

Mad dog disease

Looks like the anjing gila, LOL!!!
Image from weheartit

Sometimes I think even my furkids behave better than us human.

I was calling someone for a favor.  I admit it was a short notice but when you cannot do it for whatever gazillion reasons in the world you can give me; you do not have to bark idiotically like anjing gila (a mad dog).

I speak in Homo sapiens lingua to human and my furkids.  So when you spoken to me in a foreign mad dog language, I got scared and panicky that I just hung up without even saying thank you.  But anyway, I do not think I deserve to give respect to such anjing gila.

I am trying to  hold  (holding it is bad for the heart!!!) channel my anger into something less damaging – writing, reading…  and assuming that perhaps anjing gila just had a bad day and do not mean to be so…

Have a happy lunch!!!