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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Mommie, how about mine?

Meowmmie, I wanna polished nails too!
This image is taken from weheartit
I was painting my nails with a clear base coat.  Ooh, first thing first. I don't have the habit of filing and polishing on my finger nails, let alone putting some colors or a very simple French manicure.  Fake nails especially those with bling-bling or delicate tiny Hello Kittys are even foreign to me.  I always keep it short and naked as it is partly because of the nature of my job.

But today I saw a discounted 5-in-1 base coat while looking for a mouthrinse, which purportedly claimed it will makes my kuku (nails) smoother, stronger, longer, moisturized and shinier.  So I thought, why not, girl?  I picked one almost without thinking much.  Thank God the promoter was occupied and didn't pay attention to me.

Anyway, some of the boys furs were sticking onto my wet polish.  Ooh yeah... They were chasing each other while I was beautifying my fingers, circling around me hoping to shed more fur into the air.  I bet they were conspiring to make me mad.  Cunning little kiddies!

My nails are looking healthier now, although it might just a physical change.  ^_____^