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Friday, December 31, 2010

Let's usher the new "US"!

Whether it is a structured one,

a free styled one,

a subtle one,

a vivid one,

a busy one,

or a quiet one.

Here wishing you a happy, happy new year! 

Sprinkled!, Shorty & LouLou

All images taken from:  we<3it


(#_#) said...

wish u a great 2011 !! ^^
enjoy ur last day 2010 k.
unfortunately i got to work!!

Sprinkled! said...

hey!!! i'm working too today! i wish my house is sparkling clean before 2011!!! gotta rush home after work! >.<"

(#_#) said...

haha..funny la u ni.
i might go out for dinner wif family, my sister goin back to her maktab 2morow.
huh,only me at home after this.
gewd luck with ur cleaning!

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