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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Etiqa Takaful: Very Bad Service!!!

I will kick your a$$ & ball$!!! (image from weheartit)
Why is it very almost-mission-impossible to get my money back from car insurance, in my case now, it's Etika Takaful.  I can summarized this company as:
My experience with Etika Takaful:  "Inefficient, poor and slow response to customer's inquiries.  Definitely would not purchase anything from Etika Takaful, ever, again!!!"
Here's my case:
Dec 18, 2010 - Saturday
Renew road tax & car insurance at the post office in the morning.  I have to pay for 0% NCD (I am entitled for 25% NCD) because the counter said my previous insurance company has not updating my data, yet!  Yet!!!  Alright, not the post office fault.  Called the customer hotline around 12noon who said no record of me purchasing their car insurance in their (superbly slow, lousy) database, yet!  Asked me to send the policy certificate via email instead.

Dec 22, 2010 - Wednesday
Sent the 1st refund request.  I attached the required document too.

Dec 28, 2010 - Tuesday
I bet their customer service member(s) were busy holidaying - Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day...  Took almost one week just to tell me they are gathering data & will come back to me soon.  Now the word "soon" is very subjective as I (as a customer) would define it soon as in one week time.  They, the lazy fat a$$holes in Etika Takaful might interpret it as...  whenever I like!  Fcuk you!!!

Jan 4, 2011 - Tuesday
Sent my 2nd email.  No reply from them, yet!  Hello Etika Takaful, are you sleeping?

Jan 20, 2011 - Thursday
3rd email.  Very tulan liao!!!  Like, if you really need a month to process my request, please inform so in the first reply.  I just need to know your timeline for finishing this job, FCUK YOU!!!

I mean the money that I want them to refund maybe just mean a peanut to them.  Habis tu, da tau peanut buat apa nak simpan???  Bagi balik sama itu pelanggan laa, FCUK YOU!!!  If it's really just a peanut, return it to me, I am the rightful owner of the money, peanut or not peanut!!!


Berry said...

terrible oh kan? nget sai

Sprinkled! said...

yalah, ambil duit cepat ja. minta refund punya la payah!

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