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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Grocery shopping

Bacon RM17.80
Chicken RM6.47
Eggs RM 3.80
Sweet corn RM2.69
Cheese in olive oil RM7.50
Carrot RM1.99
Broccoli RM1.42
Purple cabbage RM2.71
Baby butterhead RM2.55
Thai small red onion RM3.99
Total RM51.00

By the way, I was slightly mad when I saw Jusco is selling a toothpaste at RM13.49.  I bought the very same toothpaste from Giant at RM14.99!!!  I am not Giant's big fan but was sort of being dragged into the hypermarket.  I rather shops at Jusco at any time (it feels less wholesale-like market than Giant, Tesco & Carrefour) but I wonder why some said Jusco is more expensive than other stores.
And I do not cook the chicken and the carrot for myself; it is for Shorty.  I just mix grated carrot and a chunk of chicken into the rice and voila!  Dinner done, my boy.  (Shorty's lunch is always provided by his kai ma, that lucky boy!)

Enough of rant.

P.S.  I really hate carrot as my food, but I can accept carrot juice.