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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sprinkled!'s new look

I posted one of my favorite photos quite recently here.

Since then, I have been thinking of placing it somewhere where I always see it.  My working cube is a no-no because I prefer it to be squeakily professional.  My employer have mentioned nothing against personal picture(s) on our cubicles.  So it is just me, setting such rules for myself.

So I guess my very own blog is a perfect place to worship Shorty!  Hence, having time on a quiet Saturday, with the boys snuggly sleeping still, I did a little editing here and there on the pix.  The result?  I love it.  Hahaha!!!  Syiok sendiri la!!!

Now I do not only have a self-personalized header (despite my lack of expertise in graphic/art/media, I am proud of my effort), it is like my self-confession of how I adore my boys by portraying them there.

Err.. Enough of self-ism here.

Shorty & LouLou, thank you for being with me all these times.  To our new journey in 2011, woofmeowwoofmeow!!!


Whoelses said...

Nice!, like it..

Sprinkled! said...

thanks, Whoelses! :)

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