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Thursday, January 13, 2011

WWYD: When Mad Dog Is Answering The Phone Call?

From:  weheartit
Some receptionists are very poor on the phone etiquettes.  Like the lady who answered my call this morning.  She was quite polite nice when I inquired about the consultation fee.  However, to my surprise, she started to (sort of) yell like a mad dog when asked about the clinic’s operating hours.
Mad Dog:  Doctor (is in from) 9 to 1 only laa’aah…
Me:  Is it open every day?
Mad Dog:  Sunday (is a) public holiday laa’aah…
If I know the schedule, I would not ask Ms. Mad Dog in the first place.  But then again, even if I know the schedule, I might ask just to confirm.  What is wrong with that, Ms. Mad Dog?  Isn’t part of your job is to provide info to the potential customer?

At first I was glad that the fee is lower than the other clinics.  However, I immediately decide to delete it from my list.  Yes, because of the rude mad dog infected receptionist.  I don’t want my money goes to pay for the mad dog’s salary.  It might not be a big amount but no thanks.  I rather buy yummy food for my dogkid!

Anyway, Happy  Friday  Thursday to all!

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Whoelses said...

Sussshh!!, i wanna make sound of cat fighting, to see whether LouLou ear would stand up or not.. hehehe

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