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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


LouLou:  This is me in sweet November.  Yeah!  I got the battle mark again this month & I'm very proud of it!

Thanks for Clarinase*, I fell asleep within 30 minutes after consuming it.  I've been taking it since last Friday but the flu bug just won't go away.  Perhaps because I only take it at night and the dosage is not enough?  I have no idea.  And I've been told that it wasn't supposed to make me feel drowsy.  Perhaps I was just too tired.  Perhaps, perhaps.

Ooh yeah!  LouLou finally come home this morning after went missing in Monday.  Okay, he just left home for about 2 days but I worried whether he's doing alright out there.  For that 2 days, he left his yellow bowl untouched.  I don't know how he survived with an empty tummy.

While bathing him, I sort of scolded him for venturing out without telling me.  I asked where'd you been?  you think the others will play gently with you like Shorty did?  And he got so many scratches and wounds on the face, the ears, the head, and the neck.  Right, you've been fighting!  I'm sick and you made me even sicker thinking that some bad dogs mauled you or that some ba$tards hit-and-run on you!  I rubbed hydrogen peroxide and put some cream on him.  He don't even move or meow when I applied it, perhaps he knew I was mad.  But I wasn't mad actually.  I was just concern about his wellbeing.

Boys.  I so wanted to keep him in a cage but that would make him go nuts.  I guess I have to bear the heartache (whenever he's being mischievous).

O M G !  I have to stop blabbing.  Good night!