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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I miss LouLou

I've been letting LouLou to sleep at the car porch for few days since last week.  It is not that I hate him.  Far from that notion.  It is just that he failed to return home after the curfew (a.k.a. my bedtime).  So I only see him before I go out to work.  Here are some stuff I searched this morning (about cat, obviously) because I sort of miss him.

Almost like LouLou's diary.  Almost.  Which makes me smile - so far none of my colleagues caught me smiling alone (at the computer screen!) so I'm safe for now.  I mean, at least none of them would think that I'm a crazy office mate.

Calvin and Hobbes
Hobbes is not exactly a cat.  But tiger & cat are family, aren't they?  Uhmmm... someone please teach me about animal kingdom.

“Every dog has his day - but the nights are reserved for the cats”
Yeah, our different sleeping patterns sometimes drives me cranky.  Can you believe that he wants to go out as early a 5a.m.?  =.=
Aha!  I'm very sure that this macho kid is in the learning process.  He would disappear for few days & come home sleeping for 24 hours without touching a single piece of biscuit in his bowl.  If you're away from home without food, you'll grab the food first before you rest, make sense, no?

Tested positive.  That evil cat!


r.i.n.a said...

my cats were once like loulou too!!
did u spay him?? or is it her??

sory, x reply urmsg, no crdt.
shop closed evry tuesday, so i cuti semlm :)

Sprinkled! said...

nope, he's so full of masculinity..

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