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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Padan muka!

A very gory end for snatch thief

35 years old.  Not a blind or a disable person.  Kesian the snatch thief’s family member?  Maybe, because he could be someone’s son / husband / father.  But why would an able-bodied person choose to steal from others?  I could only curse these snatch thieves when they get away uncaught.  But when I read that they get killed, my oh my, I feel like as if I won a lifetime free, limitless supply of Starbucks!

Isn’t it frightening that one is not even safe at theirs own house compound nowadays?  Even with a companion, I always pay attention to my surrounding before I hop into or get out from my car.  I would never turn off my engine until my house gate is fully closed.  The reason is, I think (I think la hor…) I can crash into the intruder if they try to attack me.  I mean, I would be all panicky to turn on the car engine when I see them.  Or at least, I can hit my own wall and gate to get my neighbors’ attention.  Because I cannot open the window least they strangle me out from my car, right?  And, I don’t always go back at the same time everyday.  See, they might have checked your schedule before they launch an attack.  Creepy!!!  Needless to say, I am always highly suspicious of motorbikes passing in the housing area.

It is only Tuesday.  I want my Friday!


r.i.n.a said...

sometimes i do feel sympathy to the snatch thieves, but not the one that hurt other ppl, but the one who snatch 'secara baik'(i think ade thief who do this).

but those who snatch till cause ppl to death or hurt them, please send them away from this earth.

saw in the news the other day bout this american guy who robbed a shop n promise the owner to return the money back. if he ever return the $$ back, then he's good thief :)

Sprinkled! said...

yeah.. but still, threatening / forcibly take someone's belonging is... not good. >.<

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