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Thursday, February 24, 2011


It is very hot these days,
today especially.
33 degree Celsius and 59% humidity.
I wanted so much to go home
and get a shower!
Ooh yeah, when it getting hotter
I feel like I want to take off my bra.
Maybe I should use the nipple stickers!
I found these...
A plain simple one
to a funky bling bling
to a lacey one (albeit too granny-like for my liking!).

At 4:51pm - Suddenly the weather turns dark and windy!  OMG!!!  Please don't rain before I reach home!!!


r.i.n.a said...

hehe..its so hot in sp too!!!
but later at night hujan, crazy wheather!

Sprinkled! said...

yeah.. but this weekend turned out to be sunny one - not even a drip of raindrop!

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