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Monday, February 28, 2011

It was fun!

Blushing teacher by ▲ stupid creations™ (weheartit)
LOL!  Not exactly what I've told to a class of 8 students during my Day-1 of tutoring.  But rather sounds like a cinema reminder.  I asked them to turn their (more canggih than mine!) phones into silent mode; and that they must go out if they want to answer phone calls.

Ooh, I also asked the class to call me by my first name - without 'Miss' (calling me Teacher is a no!).  They got a bit uncomfortable with that, and I saw it.  But I just want to get away with all the formalities.  I want to be their study buddies rather than just somebody whom give homework, do the talking in the class, trying to explain what's what...  They will get use to it by...  2, 3 weeks?

After a rather impromptu session last week, I am better prepared this week.  It is only Monday but I got the teaching stuff ready by now!  The class is on Thursdays so I still have plenty of time to complete materials for the coming classes.

P.S.  No more time spend leisurely window shopping after work or watch late night shows.  The "free time" goes for reading the student literature and poem.


r.i.n.a said...

u asked them to call u by name?!
wah! none of my teacher, even lecturer did that!!

hehe.. tell me bout more canggih hp.
my form 4 cousin is using iphone!
mine not even a touch screen -_-''

Sprinkled! said...

:) i'm just a tutor - neither a teacher nor a lecturer, so it's fine with me.

yalah, teen with iphone/android phone/whateverphonela is a norm these days kan?

my zaman da berlalu..

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