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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

L'Oreal UV Perfect SPF50PA+++

Note: I have an oily, sensitive skin.

I am getting crazy about SPF-loaded beauty products lately.  When my previous sunblock, Vichy UV.Activ SPF50PA+++ was running out, I was thinking of getting another similar tube, only to be told that it has been discontinued and replaced by Vichy Pro Secure Anti-UV Anti Pollution SPF50+++ (price: RM90ish - can't remember the exact figure).  I bought the previous tube at discounted price of RM70ish.

Because I'm in a tight budget this time, I bought L'Oreal UV Perfect SPF50PA+++ (Even Complexion) at RM30 something.  I was indecisive between the "even complexion" and the "anti-dullness" functions, but somehow I got chose the even complexion one.

I would use it alone (after moisturizer) if I want to go light.  But on my pre-menstrual days (where the pimples would be "rocking" on my face), I top it up with the usual foundation - just enough to cover the ugly zits!  It didn't feel oily (even when I layered with a foundation) which is a good thing for someone with oily-and-sensitive face like me.

I don't mind continuing to use this sunblock because it works well on me and it is cheap, too!


r.i.n.a said...

i used the loreal before, but x suit me.
it too oily for my skin!!

Sprinkled! said...

ouch! wasted. next time i want to try the "anti-dullness" type.

so, are you still using sunblock? grrr... fair skin easier to get burn >.<"

r.i.n.a said...

wasted? x work on u too?
still using sunblock but the one i have the spf only 25, not enough kn?

fair skin easier get the dark spot!!

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