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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Battle v.3, I think?

Yet.  Another.  Stupid.  Fight.

He wasn't home yet when I came back from work yesterday.  This silly boy secretly appeared and curi-curi finishing his food before he cabut again for another fight - my wild guess, thanks to his nature!  Thanks to my highly alert housemates who told me "I think you need to see your cat; his face is so bloody!"

Mind you, I just bathed them on Monday.  So right on the following day he came back to me with wounds and bruises and scratches!  Niamah!  I expect them to remain immaculate at least for a day.  A day, only!

Today I bought him that funny-looking shield to prevent him from licking the cream.  He hates it so much and tries to take it off as I am writing this.  Aww LouLou, just be a little patient, okie?  When the cream is dry we'll take it off and you can sleep nicely.

My room smells like a hospital now.  Even looks like one because all of the cotton pads, hydrogen peroxide, antiseptic spray and the cream!

Huhuhu...  I don't care about the smell now.  I just want him to heal quickly.


r.i.n.a said...

has Loulou been spayed?
my late-cat Miki is just like him!coming back home with all the luka-luka.
then we spayed him (for his own sake!)

then he x get into much trouble anymore

Sprinkled! said...

he is not. but if i spay him now, isn't he's a little bit too old for that? he's around 2++ now..

r.i.n.a said...

im not quite sure bout the age limit but miki was spayed when he's aroung 5-6 years old.

he got in such a bad fight, till limping, n always x blk umah.
dats y we spayed him :)

Sprinkled! said...

hmm... will consult a vet then. sakit hati tengok dia got injured & all...

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