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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why it is still there?

Melancholy (Edvard Munch Gallery)

Here I am...  Comparing LouLou's fresh, boyish face and his rugged look (he's defending it by saying: "I'm a big man now.").

Sigh...  What a huge different.

I have lost all his baby photos, the ones left are what I have got in the old blog - which is why I am still keeping and updating it.

Sigh...  I don't know why I feel so nostalgic with my boys today.  Especially LouLou.

Sometimes Most of the time, I feel guilty for leaving LouLou sleeping outside for the whole night while I sleep in my comfortable bed.  Sometimes he won't come back before midnight; and I will be freaking mad because I had spent my whole night waiting for him when I know I should have my early rest.

That stupid cat.

Maybe r.i.n.a. is right.  Maybe I should ask the vet to spay him.