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Friday, March 11, 2011

Safety first

OK.  It is Friday.  And you might go for luncheon a bit far from your office because, obviously, it is Friday where we get our extra minutes.  Or you might go for drinks after work - yeah!  to kick off the weekends, right.  Or, you are going to join the crowd in the shopping mall (like me!!!).

Whatever the stuff you're doing, please, please, please... BE CAREFUL with your surrounding.  Watchout who is standing behind you (I always glance at my back when I'm at the ATM).  Walk in the opposite direction of the traffic & make sure your bag is at the inner side of the road - not exposing it to the (sial) snatch thieves.

OK?  OK.  I will keep that in my mind too.  Because you don't want to experience what this girl have gone through, do you?

Enjoy your Friday!

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r.i.n.a said...

oh my!!
u b xtra careful too!!

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