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Monday, March 14, 2011

Quickies: leadership forum & book fair

Grrr!!!  Work, work, work is chasing me now.  But I must share with you these info:
  • 49th & 50th IATSS Forum - Apply to the IATSS Forum (International Association of Traffic & Safety Sciences, an ASEAN young professional leadership forum started by Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda.  I saw it in the NST Saturday edition - I seldom read NST but The Star was sold out when I went to the store & I just picked it to see updates on Japan's tsunami.
  • Popular Book Fair - Nationwide - Perfect for budget-tight book-lover a.k.a ME!!!  By the way, I checked MPH and they have this 50% bin where all the not-so-perfect-but-still-can-read books go to.  I was not in the mood to look for one because the mall was very crowded with holidaying kids!  It made me so dizzy.
That's all for now.

Have a happy period! good Monday!