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Thursday, March 17, 2011


The Flu Bug @ThinkGeek
Not feeling well since Monday.
Monday I was kind of stressed with the Tuesday thing (P&C - work stuff).

Then came Tuesday.
Fun is out of the equation and it is acknowledged by everyone in the office.
Totally occupied for 7/8 of the day.
I physically feel very 'heavy duty' despite somewhat knowing that a portion of my gray matters has been taken away from my tiny body.

Felt super challenging to get out of the bed on Wednesday morning.  Told Whoelses that I want to go to the book fair which, unluckily, I didn't managed to go because I wasn't feeling well.  I went to Eu Yan Sang to get a tea concoction for flu (lu ken deling until it testless, said the friendly sales person) - all the weird looking; funny looking; familiar looking roots & seeds in the mixture.  And since I specifically over drained this week - which I have yet to look for the root cause! - I bought the Gingko Biloba Chicken Essence too.

Thursday.  Today.
Meeting, meeting, meeting!  To recap the Tuesday thing!!!
Hee...  curi tulang sekejap while waiting for the others.
I have my flu tea.  Doesn't taste bitter & neither too sweet.
Hope my nose behaves well or else I might scare the others with my bugs.


r.i.n.a said...

oh my! currently having flu, its been 2 days already!!!
n tomorrow need to go to kl!!!

hope we both get well soon ^^

Whoelses said...

ya.. get well, pal..

Sprinkled! said...

@r.i.n.a: yup! you especially since the concert is on Sat(?).

@Whoelses: thank you :)

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