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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Post Class

I was encouraging my class to speak in English.  And we had fun talking about Justin Bieber (thank god none of us are fan of him), Bruno Mars (aww!!! we love him alot!), and hardcore music in general.  I asked the boy what is it like (hardcore) then he jokingly said "nanti pecah kalau I buat (sing)" to which all of us laughed.  Then I told them I only listen to the pop songs played over the air, and they eagerly asked me to check YouTube for such underground stuff.  It was very informal but well, I don't want them to make a boring speech.  {yawn}

And I forgot that I am actually sick because I was too engrossed with our fun conversation!  Only after we goodbyed each other that I feel...  ooh...  my throat...  my nose... gotta rush home now and relax.

Ooh yeah!  By the time I got home, the lights and the fan in the living room as well as the kitchen were all lighted.  I was pissed off because no one was in the areas.  So rich and want to waste the energy huh?!

Oh dear rich boy, go get your own place if you like to lit up every single light in the house when you are not using it.  But not when you are staying with me.

Good night!


Whoelses said...

nasib ble balance dgn sukahati dan sakithati at the same time..

Sprinkled! said...

yeah. yin & yang..

r.i.n.a said...

learning english through songs is soo much fun!!
and u talked bout artist pulak tu, sure the kids have fun!!

good job!!

Sprinkled! said...

i hope they enjoyed it, really! bcos i can't stand talking alone. =.='

r.i.n.a said...

hehehe.. sure ngantuk if u sorang je yg ckp :)

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