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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sprinkled! & her coffee

Coffee splash from na roda-gigante
I was meeting an acquaintance after work yesterday.  We had agreed to meet at Starbucks but yours truly was evil enough to disguise a 3-in-1 instant coffee in her Starbucks flask which she prepared before going out from the office.  So I waited her there with a hot coffee on the table (thankfully it is a short distance from office to Starbucks so that I don’t get there with a lukewarm drinks!) and a good book on my hand.

There I am, saving few ringgits on a coffee.  I mean, a pack of 20 sticks of instant coffee would only cost me RM10 (only RM0.50 per cup - if I use a stick a cup; free hot water from the office pantry), while just a cup of my favourite grande caramel macchiato could easily makes me poorer by RM10 (that is, after a “bring your own tumbler” RM2 discount).  Of course the taste is different (instant vs. freshly pressed) but heck!  I promise myself to make a decent cup when I reach home.  But no, thanks, dear barista, no coffee for me today.

Wow!  Isn’t it exciting enough to learn that I can actually stretch my ringgits without losing fun?