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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Post-Airy Monday

You know, there is always something up in Mondays. For me, it is time to catch up with friends – after hiding out (or, hibernating) in the weekends.  And because Mondays are psychologically long (for me), I always lighten up my day by reading blogs and some of (my favorite) columnists’ articles.

It was a coincidence that I put “Airy Monday” as my entry title yesterday - because I felt somewhat calm, only to be equally terrified and humored when I read a fiery post by a certain blogger.  It took me by surprise that this blogger can actually produced such a… flaming posting.

On the other hand, if I own an online shop, I would not even thought of posting “kampung-hater…yes, me” just to rub any potential customers in the wrong way, deliberately.  I mean, one cannot be calling people “hi sayang-sayangku” (which might or might not includes the kampung citizen), but then admitting “i hate kampung people because they’re idiots.”  Ouch, ouch, ouch!!!  Now, please tell me that such statement will draw buyers from cities and kampungs alike.  If yes, wow! I want to use that publicity stunt too although I have not think of what I want to sell yet.

To humor myself, I asked the shop owner “(Kampung Lover:) Dear Kampung Hater, are these soaps handmade by the village people or the city dwellers?”

Hello to the city people!

Hello to the kampung people!

Hello to lovers & haters everywhere!

Special hello to another kampung girl.


Anonymous said...

dia da delete entry bodoh dia tu.. palui pya org..

Sprinkled! said...

:D delete, delete la.. but i the kampung girl had already 'print screen' that particular post, muahahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

muahahhahah...poor city girl lupa yg kampung girl pun pandai ba..
p/s: byk lg kg girl yg cantik2 dr dia ni..dia tu 'nokokop'..

Sprinkled! said...

nokokop?! uina... panas tu!

Anonymous said...

nokokop la tu..nda ko tgk warna dia..ahahhahha. blajar dia pandai la kali..tp hidup, dia mmg BODOH!

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