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Monday, April 11, 2011

Full tank of happiness

Last Friday was a frightening one because LouLou theCat was not feeling very well.  I had to literally kick him off the bed which is so not him!  Because he is the one who literally kick me of my own bed everyday, rain or shine.  When he fell of the bed, I funnily thought he was still in dreamy, sleepy mode.  But not when I saw him groggily staggering on the stair, struggling to keep his balance.  He and Shorty always racing down to the food bowl and the main door, respectively.

I thought, could it be that I was overdosing him?  I checked his medicine labels over and over again.  Half a pill a day, after meal.  Cream, twice a day.  I felt so guilty to leave him at such unwell state!

The next day I rushed him to the vet, explaining to him in details of LouLou's progress (or deteriorating state of health, to be exact!).  I said in a desperate tone, "He went for a walk with me and Shorty everyday except on Friday.  He can't even barely jumped off the bed properly!  But he is eating well which I think is funny.  I mean, a sick cat normally won't have an appetite, right?"

So the vet checked the list of medicines Lou was having recently, took the box of the medicine and patiently read to the nervous catmommy "The side effects are drowsiness, diarrhea, vomiting, ..."  I cannot remember the rest but drowsiness was what apparently affecting my poor boy.

"I don't like what it does to your cat, so stop giving him that pill altogether.  He might be experiencing adverse drug reaction."  Thank god, some explanation there.  So no pills for LouLou.  I stop the cream too, just to make sure he is in a pink of health again before we start again.

I am watching him bullying Shorty while writing this.  Looks like LouLou is back on action again!  Ooh!  He is looking at me annoyingly, perhaps because he cannot find a spot on the bed because I have this laptop, some paper works (which I am supposed to review!!!), the bedtime snack (book) all over the bed.

Alright, I want to play with the boys now.