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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

F l u f f y

I went back to the house despite knowing that I can only spend a maximum of 20 minutes with the boys within the one-hour lunch break.

20 minutes driving home
20 minutes talk to the  F l u f f y  shrinks
20 minutes drive back to office

Lately nothing sparks an interest to me at work.  I tried.  I looked.  I observed.  I stopped.


That is worrisome.  I am so scared of getting bored with my job!

And I find it difficult to talk to the air-headed bunch.

So I drove home.

To my  F l u f f y  shrinks.

I left LouLou theCat outdoor with Shorty theDog when I left in the morning, he must have been glad that I was back during the lunchtime to let him in.

Shorty as the usual crazy self, half expecting me to take him for a stroll (seriously, under the scorching sun?!), and half wanting me to rub his belly.

F l u f f y  Shorty got belly-rubbing, while I was waiting for the water to boil.

F l u f f y  LouLou meowed me from the kitchen, asking if he can have a canned fish instead of the biscuit.

Now I got confused - who's the shrink?  Because it looks like I am the one responding to their needs; like how a psychiatrist responds to / analyzes a patient.

Nonetheless, in between feeding LouLou, playing with Shorty and having a hot drink (as my lunch!), I found my sanity.  At least I stopped thinking, worrying, analyzing about work.

My F l u f f y  boys!

Too bad it was raining when I got home in the second-half time.  Otherwise I will take Shorty strolling around the taman.

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