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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just for sex & sleep

I moved my 14 inch television to the room downstair after reading this article on The Star:
Keep work materials, computers and televisions out of the bedroom; it should be used for sleep and sex only.
I cannot remember how long I have not been watching TV; mainly because I am too lazy to go downstairs!  Ooh, yeah!  I still use my notebook in the room and (always!!!) bring my working papers on the bed, although I hardly read them it just taking the space which, much to the annoyance of LouLou theCat.

< Looking around my room >

Hmm...  I think I need to take out the newspaper, the work material, stack of books that I have finished from my room.  It looks like a messy office/study room rather than an inviting bedroom!  Tomorrow la!



Nick~ said...

How about me living in a studio? =__= I have my kitchen & living room in my bedroom...hehehe.

Sprinkled! said...

:/ perhaps the writer never thought of it!

anyway, i spend most of my time at home in the room. so that might explain why i tend to bring everything into it. ooh yeah! it double up as my boys' playground when they decide to annoy me. >.<

Shen said...

OMG! I wish I could do this but until the bars on our windows aren't installed yet, the computers and tv are gunna be witnesses to some playful nights. rotfl!

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