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Friday, April 29, 2011


That poor mixed breed German Shepherd had to be put to sleep by the owner!  I do not think she have a feeling for the dog when she said "That was a hard lesson for the kids."  I bet it was a very hard, harsh lesson for the dog.  Unjustified.  Just because it bite you once, it has to be punished i.e. put to sleep.

And she continued unashamedly to rectify:
And I want a purebred. I want to know what I'm getting into before I get into it.

When I took Shorty and LouLou home, there is no way for me to know what breed they are.  What kind of temperament they got.  No way of knowing what I am getting into.  NO WAY!!!

O M G !

These kind of people (put a dog to sleep just because of one, single bite!!!) just want an easy way out.  I never own a purebred pet so I have no idea how perfect are their behavior (won't bite babies/kids/adult, won't 'eat' your shoes/the chairs, won't scratch your most expensive lingerie).

Shorty had bitten LouLou once that it left the poor kitty with what I call a drill hole on his forehead.  That was one serious injury he had caused but no way I would put him to sleep or send him away!!!  I think he learned not to bite LouLou too hard when they are playing.  No more 'drilling'.  Licking is okie.  Hide and seek is okie.  Scratching and jumping on each other is okie as long as your target is not me!  :D

Animal learn.  We learn.

<  s i g h  >

Penelope Trunk learn too.  And put the poor thing to sleep!