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Saturday, April 23, 2011

T.G.I.F., yet, again!

Honestly speaking, the only time that I clean my room (i.e. change the bedding, sweep & double-mop the floor) is on Fridays.  Because I like to start my weekends doing nothing.  Because I like to wash away everything related to the heavy-duty, loaded working days.  It is like a ritual for me.  Psychologically comforting, I say.

It is also the longest time I would bar the boys from entering my room because it want it to be squeaky clean, fur-less, no funny-funny paw prints, doormat in the right position (LouLou likes to play with it, that sillymolly kitty!), no messing with the fresh bedsheet (again, LouLou always like to rasmi the newly changed bedsheet just to prove his kiasu-ness!), no Shorty scratching himself against the wall (Shorty, Mommy is proud of your artwork at the car porch's wall, but not in our room =.=).

r.i.n.a. asked what my plan for tomorrow.  Nothing.  Ooh!  Maybe I want to take my car for vacuum cleaning.  I had said this for the umpteenth times.  Either I was too lazy to make it; or the weather was not right; or I used that budget allocation to buy beauty stuff!  Hah!

The boys are so quiet downstairs.  Did they merajuk again?  (They always go sulking if I did not let them in.)  I better check them now.

Have a nice weekend!