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Monday, June 6, 2011

Phishing scam (Maybank)

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The fcuking greedy bastards sent me this email last Friday, saying that:
Your account have been flagged by our security experts. it appear somebody is login into your account from different locations You are therefore required to verify and update your details to avoid service suspension.

And if they are thinking I am a fool, sorry lorrr...

Dear Bastard,

I read the papers and I am aware of your illegal activity.  I wish with all the money you steal from people, you will get:
  1. Multiple diseases that money cannot cure!!!
  2. Sons/daugthers who will disown you when you no longer rich!!!
  3. Wife/husband who will leave you for someone who don't steal!!!
Now, get out of my sight!!!  You can go to hell with the duit haram!!!

x x x x x x x x x x

What is wrong with these conmen huh?!  Even a miniscule-sized me can do double jobs - decent enough to live with my two boys (curi limelight a bit ;)) - without stealing from others.  Never had I thought of taking someone's money forcibly!

I still keep the email (which was directed into my junk folder, thank god!) and I intend to go to Maybank to report about it.

Never, ever, click any links send from such suspicious email.  If you are worry about the money in your account, call your nearest bank to check if there is really such thing happened.  I repeat, do not click anything from the bastard's email.

From The Star:
RM4mil stolen within first three months
Victims lose thousands within minutes

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r.i.n.a said...

clever girl!!

a lot of ppl been cheated kn.
even thru phone call n give away ur ic no, they can steal ur money.

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