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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Nothing piques my interest these days except for:
  • Looking for ways to combat these stubborn pimples. I thought I was done with them back then, I mean wayyyyy back when I was younger. Why do they come back now?!
  • Making soy milk from the scratch. Yes, after someone mentioned that she gains weight from drinking a considerable amount of soy milk. I am interested to be  f a t  lean. (You, you and you!!! Stop saying that I am not eating! I eat more or less the same with the normal sized human; or even more than those over-sized who are on the crash diet, BOOOOOO!!!)
  • Blending my own natural shampoo - hibiscus leaves+flowers with kaffir lime juice.  It's been a week without a single drop of synthetic shampoo & conditioner on my scalp but my hair doesn't feel/look greasy at all!  In fact, I don't feel itchy (on the head la, mana lagi!) or heavy (which I always experience when using leave-in conditioner and serum).  You know what is the best thing?  The hair is as soft as after applying conditioner; minus the chemicals of course.