We are moving ;)

Please join me, Shorty & LouLou at our new 'home':

Thank you!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I am here, July

Newsweek, yeah, I picked it just because of Diana & Kate.  Coffee.  Another coffee.  Less sweeter than the first mug.  Aww..  This serious read is draining me.  3rd coffee.  Ooh, let see if I can win anything from Cleo.  Gonna stop flipping.  Those lipsticks are so yummy, do you think I need a new lipcolor?!  I do, I do!!!  4th coffee.  Really, stop flipping!  5th coffee.  Empress Orchid.  What!?  Smell the . . . what?!  Whoa!

Shorty:  "It's alright if you don't want to bring me outside today.  I just love chasing you & LouLou in the house as much as running in the garden.  But can we go outside tomorrow?  I want to see the boy at the house over that bridge."

LouLou: "I have nothing nice to say.  Except that I hate roaming outside when you were home late.  Ooh, why were you late last night?  Why can't you leave the door open so I can go in & out whenever I like?  Alright.  I need my "me time" now.  Ta."