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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sprinkled! vs. Shorty

Thank you, Shorty.

The floor was squeeky clean after one sweeping & three mopping.

No way I could verify that until this boy from the garden right into the room.

Perfect timing.

First, you check the washroom.


No mold.

The rubbish bin is empty.

< Panting >
Gosh!  I wish I don't have to running up the staircase, he said.

Then he licked the wet floor.

Next, now that he already wet his paws, he is ready to audit my cleaning process.

< Doing a catwalk >
Nice work!  I love it!  I'll call LouLou so we can (rock n) roll on the floor!

Thank you, my boys!


Anonymous said...

ahahhahha...shorty wants you to burn more calories by mopping, sweeping, mopping, sweeping and mopping...

Sprinkled! said...

I don't mine burning calories, just that I hate wasting water. think: green. environment. resources. bill. money!!!

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