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Monday, July 4, 2011

Hibiscus shampoo

This is some fun stuff I'm doing in my kitchen after work.
Sort of a relaxing ritual.
And good for the hair too!

Kaffir lime juice - one is enough as I don't want the smell to be over powering.
The hibiscus flowers (5) & leaves (10 - 15).

Pretty isn't it?

The color doesn't look like this in actual - I tried to certain angles but I can't get it!
Newbie kan?  Kalau juru gambar profesional lain la...

Hah!  It is easy to apply on the top, but I cincai-cincai rub in at the back.

Then I leave it on my head for awhile.
Definition of "awhile": 
< start stopwatch >
Feed the boys.  Prepare my dinner.  Clean the kitchen.  Yell at LouLou for making unreasonable demand of more food (he is getting Garfielded!!!).  Remove the make up.  Wash my face.  Apply face mask (another homemade recipe).
< stop stopwatch >

Then wet my hair a little bit & massage the scalp.
Rinse with cold water.


r.i.n.a said...

pic of step 4 looks scary!! hehe. just kidding.
where did u get the recipe???

oh, i miss blogging n reading blogs!!

Sprinkled! said...

LOL! I wanted to skip pic#4 actually bcos the colors are so off & unrecognizable! Got the recipe from a colleague (:

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