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Thank you!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Picture perfect Thursday!

The Patrol Dog - off duty & playing in the rain!

Ahh!!!  I feel so much better exhausting you & myself by running around the garden!

The Rebel: I don't want to go to bed yet!  Let's play again!

Heavily sedated after being hypnotized (not really!)

The Sleeping Beast

Are the bedroom's door open now?

Hmm...  Early sleeper gets the nicest soft, warm spot!

Shorty have a lot of energy in him that he needs longer time to calm down and  sleep   rest.  LouLou, on the other hand, could just fall asleep within a few minutes after settling down in his favorite cozy spot on my bed.  Ooohhh yeah, he is a mean cat who likes to sleep right there in the middle, leaving me little space on either sides!

Good night!


;) said...

love the pics!!!

eh, shorty wear smtg like 'lesen anjing malaysia'??

is it compulsory after all the dog attack cases???

miss u babe!!! ^^

Sprinkled! said...

lesen is a must laa; i applied it wayyy before all these dog attack things..

miss you too - eh, kenapa senyap lately?

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