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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stretching the lunch box

11:30 am
Digging my way out of my workplace

11:33 am
At the bank; so-not-willingly making myself poorer

12:03 pm
Out of the bank, into the hot, hot town

12:20 pm
Went to collect clothes but the tailor shop was closed for lunch. =.=
Bought a newspaper although I know I will be too tired to read after work.
Bought a pair of black Mary Janes at Bata - my first purchase of footwear for this year which I'm not sure whether it is necessary or not.
Bought canned coffee & honey flavor green tea from 7Eleven.
Bought egg tart, cheese bun, doughnut & hotdog from the local bakery for lunch (and maybe for supper).

13:00 pm
Back to office safely  (:

If you wonder why I said "stretching", it is because my workplace's lunch time is only 45 minutes (12:00 pm - 12:45pm).