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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

10 tablespoons

5 tablespoons in the morning and another 5 in the evening.  That is the amount of dry food that my neighbor gives to Marvin daily.  :o

I was talking to the other neighbor whom own a pack of dogs of different breeds when Marvin and his human friend had a walk around the neighborhood.  I saw him inside of the house before, but this time I had a very upclose look on him.  He is very skinny for any Golden Retriever standards!  Way, way too thin!

Even LouLou the fat cat is being fed more than that!  But this Marvin boy looks so happy despite being underfed and politely greeted Shorty and Boss (my neighbor's black pug) who were busy pee-fighting at my gate.  I always love Golden Retriever for their good manners and their golden-coated big body (nice to hug).  So naturally I feel sad when I see one like Marvin.

Luckily Boss' owner is never too stingy and fed Marvin whenever she saw him with an empty bowl.  Poor Marvin!  While me sometimes struggling to nag Shorty to finish his food...


(#_#) said...

u mean Marvin been under-fed by his owner?
poor him!
been nagging my cats to finish their food too!!
they r bit choosy!!

Sprinkled! said...

yup. kesian tengok him... but his a happy fella anyway, i think all golden retrievers have a happy nature in them.

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