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Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday headache

I am having a real bad day at work today.

The cleaning service lady was using a fragranced floor disinfectant which caused me a headache and made me feel like want to throw up. This is not a first time I am reacting badly to something smells strongly in a closed space. I cannot stand air-freshener and fabric softener the most, while some household cleaning liquids are still bearable. It can be an upsetting time if I happened to sit in a same car with someone whom wears perfume / smelly hair gel, which is just as worst as having someone with bad BO besides you. I first know that I might be a fragrance/perfume allergic sufferer after experiencing a severe headache upon using a softener while doing my laundry.

When it really started? I have no clue. It is just one fine day that suddenly your body is telling you: “Nah, I don’t like this smell” without any warnings ahead. I am guessing that my body is aging sooner than what I thought. Maybe it is time for me to screen through my food coffee intake.


Whoelses said...

'Maybe it is time for me to screen through my food coffee intake'. ya u should.. like me, banning 'that coffee brand'

Sprinkled! said...

ya, mom been asking me to just go with a diluted coffee. :/

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