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Monday, August 2, 2010

Sickie, again

Ooh, this time is LouLou the cat whom is having an ear infection.  This is the second time he got the infection.  It makes his ear itchy, which he would scratch, of course.  More scratching and more scratching would eventually wounded the soft tissue, which cause more infection!!!

Poor LouLou!

So after making a call to the clinic, I kept looking at the clock hoping the office hour will over soon.  Because the thing is, this clinic is located between my house and my workplace.  Which means, I have to go home and fetch this poor boy first before making a U-turn to the vet.  And just imagine navigating the road in the rush hour, made me becoming one of the impatient (yet, very careful) drivers.

The vet assistant cleaned his ear and then jabbed him once.  It was done in just few minutes.  Afterward, the young doctor who joined us later in the room gave him few eardrops, which were wasted as LouLou shaked his head violently.  He asked me to put some cream on LouLou and bring him back for a review 5 days later.

Now you think this treatment thing for LouLou is very simple, but it cost me RM53.  I have no idea how much they'll charge me for a follow-up treatment.

Tsk.. tsk..  I am officially RM53 poorer today!


Whoelses said...

what!, it cost more then ur clinic bill.. but poor loulou.. u r lucky to have such a caring and 'loving' mom..

Sprinkled! said...

yeah, just one jab + few eardrops + one bottle of cream; and he got us (me & the vet asst & the doctor) babytalking to him throughout the treatment session. i bet they charged me too for comforting LouLou!

Whoelses said...

haha, extra/hidden charged that you had to pay.. erm.. world today.. surrounded with money taker..

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