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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Flavors of the month

  • Song:  爱上你 (Loving You) by S.H.E.  Can't stop playing this song again and again whenever I'm back from work.  Yesterday I found a very good blog where it translated the lyrics in pinyin and English!
  • Food:  Home-cooked.  (Whoelses, hold tight to your chair!  LOL!!!)  Despite my limited capability to cook, I try to treat myself a home-cooked meal at least twice a week.  Nothing complicated, yet.  Most likely I'll just have a stir-fry mixed vege.  I just got to have my greens "contaminated" with other colors like white (tofu , fish cake) and yellow (young corn, egg, button mushroom).  Otherwise I'll keep thinking that "vege is so yucky and bitter!".  I'm skipping the deep-frying dish because I'm still recovering from cough.  Besides, I hate it when the oil is splattered while putting the food into the hot oil.
  • Pastime:  Sleep!!!  I feel like I'm very deprived from a suffient sleeptime.  :(((((  Enough said.  I'm going to bed now.  Good night!


Whoelses said...

start with simple.. maybe next, you'll invite us for lunch.. me.. vege is enough.. i rather have my nasi with vege instead of fish and meat but with little bit of sambal belacan..

Or we can go picnic and share our foods..!?

(#_#) said...

sandra!!! (can put ur name meh?)
u sick?!
feel better now?
u change ur layout!!
very colorful..hehe

Sprinkled! said...

Lunch?! Just scared instead of going back with full tummy, you girls have to go elsewhere for food. ;)

LOL! No problem. Was sick, still coughing a bit. Colorful but somehow I still feel something not so-right =.=

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