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Thursday, July 22, 2010


I went to a panel clinic yesterday. While waiting for my turn, I saw two foreign workers at the payment counter. The sick guy told the lady at the counter that he doesn’t have enough cash to pay for the consultation and the medicine. The lady rudely replied that he needs to go back and return with enough money before he can collect the medicine. Then the other guy slowly took out two red notes from his pocket and gave to his friend. The sick guy apparently needs to pay RM45 but only have RM25 in his pocket.

My medical bill (usually just fever / flu / cough / tummy ache) is always at around RM30 to RM50, depending how severe it is. So I’ll never go without having at least RM150 in my wallet, if I didn’t get the company’s letter.

But then again, I just feel so pity with the foreign guys. Maybe their employer didn’t provide medical benefits. Or maybe they are not aware of what their company is providing to them.

Aren’t we are the lucky bunch?